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U.S. Oil and Gas Plays Are Booming
Nowhere is there more potential for profit than our pick: NWTR

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s becoming very clear that the U.S. is headed for a new era in domestic oil and gas production. Partly out of necessity, but also due to factors that have changed the landscape; new technologies and the outstanding results emerging from untapped new regions. In fact, this wave is so prominent that it has leading analysts now conceding that “the U.S. is the new Middle East.”

A bold statement to be sure, but there’s little doubt that exploration and production of our domestic American oil and gas resources is heading for a major boom.

In every boom, there lies an opportunity to identify those companies and markets that will grow and generate incredible wealth. We believe that NWTR is one of those companies and it’s positioned for remarkable success and the potential for enormous profits.

What Makes NWTR special?

NWTR is an oil and gas exploration and production company that focuses on developing projects from the rich resources with massive reserves located within the United States.

Our Future Depends On It

With gas prices reaching all time highs and the big energy companies abandoning much of their exploration, the demand for more domestic drilling has never been greater.

Based in Irvine, California and founded in 2008, NWTR is a relatively new company with a laser-like focus on acquiring quality land leases within the continental US. NWTR has already developed 10 projects in 4 different states including: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Pennsylvania.




New Western Energy Corp.

NWTR is our top energy pick for 2013. Begin your research here:


Symbol: NWTR
Exchange: OTC QB

Sector: Oil & Gas EP

Strategy: create value for assets and shareholders through:

  • Further exploration of
    existing properties

  • Property portfolio

  • Pursuit of strategic transactions

  • Maintenance of financial

  • Strategic alignment

Rating: Strong Buy*


New Western Energy Corp. (NWTR-OTC)
Ready to take the middle ground and make a fortune

As a relative newcomer, NWTR is looking to establish its place in the E&P sector. The company has already reached major milestones, but now it’s preparing to make the leap from small to middle market player.

Ultimately, It’s About What’s Under The Ground....

Nothing is more important in the oil and gas business than what is in the ground, and NWTR is capitalizing on the rich resources in many of America’s most desirable oil & gas production areas. The latest technological developments in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are making the future look very bright for NWTR.

In Pennsylvania alone, NWTR has acquired a 100% working interest on 23 acres of land with enormous upside potential. It is believed to be one part of the Marcellus shale formation, which is estimated to contain over 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas!

NWTR’s nine additional leases are no less impressive. In Kansas, NWTR has now acquired two land leases with 90 percent working interests in each one on over 2,200 acres of land. It has been reported that there is a potential for the discovery of three or more oil formations in one of these leases, and NWTR has set its sights on using this resource to its full potential.

Texas, being one of richest sources of oil in the world, was an obvious target for NWTR, and they have undoubtedly staked their claim. NWTR is developing five projects over more than 1,660 acres of proven oil rich land.



Rapidly Expanding Into New Projects
Just Launched - The Sam Cannon Well Unit

Along with their roster of projects already underway, NWTR just announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Royal Texan Energy Co. has commenced a comprehensive work-over program on Well #1 on its Sam Cannon Well Unit located on the 680-acre Moran Lease in Shackelford County, Texas.

The Sam Cannon Well Unit is comprised of two (2) wells, namely #1 and #4, and has produced 146,607 barrels of oil and 4,851,295 MCF of natural gas from August 1966 to February 1997. Historically, the Sam Cannon Well Unit has been a major oil producer with daily initial production (IP) of 196 BOPD. Well #1 has produced approximately 79,820 barrels of oil to date. According to an independent Geologist Report conducted in August 2012 (the “Geologist Report”), the recoverable reserve from Sam Cannon Well Unit is expected to be around 36,943 bbls of oil and 1,189,755 MCF of natural gas.

The work-over program for Well #1 is initially focused on the development of the Mississippian production zone at a depth of 3,902 ft. It has been observed that there is a packer with a joint of tubing that has been split in half at a depth of approximately 2,500 ft. “We plan to use a molding tool to mold the split tubing into a shape that the fishing tool can attach on to and pull the packer and tubing out of the hole. This will open up the well bore and will allow us to run tubing, rods, down hole pump, and start producing from this well.”

There are currently eight (8) lease units (including Sam Cannon Well Unit) under the Moran Lease, which the Company acquired in January, 2012 as part of its acquisition of Royal Texan Energy Co. According to the Geologist Report, the Moran Lease has combined recoverable reserves of 183,837 bbls of oil and 3,791,294 MCF of natural gas.

Bottom Line: The Sam Cannon Well Unit = Quick Revenue For NWTR



Recent News
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Incredibly, you could be acquiring the shares of NWTR at just pennies a piece. The company is off the radar of Wallstreet and just beginning to attract the attention of investors worldwide.


There is no better time for domestic energy

Imagine buying NWTR at just pennies per share –you can, right now!

When investors first hear the story of an impending boom in U.S. Oil and Gas combined with the strong prospects being developed by NWTR, they naturally assume the company’s stock trades at several dollars per share. Fortunately, it’s not there - yet! NWTR is rare and an undiscovered gem on the OTC market. It’s one of the last few places where you’ll find this kind of prospect trading under $1.00 per share.

It’s Your Chance - Take It!

You may not have a better opportunity to invest in NWTR than right now. As strong as NWTR’s portfolio of resources and development already is, their quest for valuable land opportunities is ceaseless. Backed by a strong, experienced management team, with strong and growing partnership, NWTR could be one of the strongest oil and gas play for years to come.

The optimal time to get a stake in a growing oil and gas company is when they still have projects in the early exploration and development stage, and that time is now.

Proven Opportunities

The oil and gas industry has been a maker of many millionaires, and it sometimes takes only a small investment to see enormous returns.

NWTR knows how to pick winners when it comes to drilling properties. The company has concentrated on projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and the rich Marcellus shale area of Pennsylvania making this is one company that could explode...


       Five Reasons To Own U.S. Oil and Gas Now
NWTR could offer you the most potential all year. Here’s why:

#1 - A Rich Property Portfolio

NWTR is heavily invested in the most desired oil and gas regions in the United States. The company owns or leases 10 different prospects in fours separate states. The group of prospects span the oil and gas spectrum with everything from simple workovers to detailed shale gas exploration. It’s a rich portfolio that the company is growing quickly.

#2 - A Highly Capable Management Team

To achieve its significant goals, NWTR has enlisted a highly experienced, and capable management team. This includes long time oil and gas industry professionals such as Terry L. Carrol, who stewarded the growth of a previous company from assets of approximately $4mm to over $14mm, while leading the company’s up-listing from an Over the Counter exchange to the NASDAQ Exchange. The company later traded on the American Stock Exchange with assets in excess of $36 million before being purchased by a private entity in 2004 for approximately $53 million.

#3 - Proven Production

Many of the companies in the early stage exploration sector ignore the need to develop production and therefore revenue. That’s not the case with NWTR. They own multiple producing oil and gas wells that are operating today. This is critical to the company’s growth and success.

#4 - A Totally Domestic US Oil and Gas Play

There are plenty of opportunities in the world of oil and gas exploration and production. Virtually none of them offer the kind of entry pathway that the domestic plays that NWTR is invested afford. This company and its management are completely committed to growing and profiting from domestic U.S. oil and gas projects. They are secure and help our efforts towards energy independence.

#5 - Strong Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

New Western Energy has partnered with some of the most experienced and renowned oil and gas companies in the country. Their alliances with PEMCO and Carroll Energy combine for over 95 years of experience in every aspect of the business from management and operations to drilling and well completion.


In The Market, Timing Is Everything...
Don’t wait for this one to pass you by

The old adage has never been more true... timing is everything. Investors who have made money from oil and gas plays (and there are thousands of them, possibly millions) will glady tell you that this is a market where you have to jump on the opportunity. Once wells are drilled, once the oil and gas begin pouring in, the game has changed. You should look at NWTR right now, and consider adding it to your preferred trading account.

Remember you can always ask your registered investment advisor to look at NWTR. They will have a variety of filings from the company that help them make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

Consider looking at all of the information available on NWTR and then make a decision. This is the kind of opportunity that could change overnight and you need to be informed. We also offer you a chance to subscribe to our free newsletter. Simply subscribe to the link below.


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